What is Matterport 3D Camera? 


A camera that allows the user to create three different types of models; Dollhouse view, Inside view,and Floorplan view. It can be used in many different industries. Realtors are known to use this service in selling homes. It gives the buyer an experience as if they are there. It s a 24 hour 7 day a week OPEN HOUSE! The same goes for businesses that are in retail, hospitality and the list goes on and on.


Why Breakpoint?  


Breakpoint is one of the first "Non-real estate" companies that started providing this service in Florida. We have scanned hundreds of businesses of all types so that they can share their business to the world in a virtual tour! We have the experience, we have the knowledge and we want to help you. With the addition of Google StreetView, customers can find you on Google Maps and "walk" right into your store! How many times have you or your customers not gone to a store because you felt uncomfortable with the unknown?


There are three things that you will gain from this service;

More connections, engage more buyers, and build a buzz!


Let Breakpoint create an amazing virtual 3D tour of your company that we can share to Google StreetView and your website so that your future customers can get an idea of what your business is all about! 

Tours start as low as $280!

Call us to schedule your tour!

Click on any image to experience the 3D tour!
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