Breakpoint is skilled at capturing data. Let us get the data you need to provide for your design, construction or as-built documents.

The revolution in construction is here. Let us show you what it means to have this kind of data. Call us to talk about your project and how 3D Laser Scanning will benefit you and your client.

3D data isn't going anywhere and the benefits of efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness are too incredible to pass up.


Breakpoint provides a couple options to get an accurate point cloud. From using a LiDaR scanner that can provide 1mm accuracy to 3D virtual reality which we can process to point cloud, to the air using drones. Our LiDaR can scan just over 1000 feet per scan, so scanning moves quickly.

We can collect data from inside buildings, exteriors to above ground with drones and underground areas such as manholes, large underground piping and tunnels.

Download ReCap for free and we can send you example data. Click here. Just continue to accept the free trial version every 30 days. It is not the Pro version.


Summary of Construction Apps

  • Slab Thickness

  • BIM Coordination

    • Scan Rebar placement and import into a BIM Model

    • Sleeve Penetrations

    • Verify placement of MEP, steel, walls, etc.

    • Minimize or prevent change orders by detecting problems

  • Beam Deflection and Monitoring​

  • Topo and Heat Maps

  • ADA Compliance

    • Slopes/Ramps​

  • Modeling from Point Cloud​

  • As-built Documentation

  • Stockpile Analysis and Monitoring

  • Wall Flatness

  • Renovations/Tenant Improvement documentation from start to finish.

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