Droning isnt just for pretty pictures and videos. At Breakpoint, we use drones to map utilities, provide as-builts with aerial photos combined with the survey CAD file, 3D maps of any area or structure, building, cell towers, bridge inspections, roof measurements, volume calculations and many more applications. With photogrammetry (3D) Breakpoint can measure anything within the picture.


Golf courses need accurate maps. Irrigation heads, valves, underground drainage and landscape contours. Our services can cover these needs quickly using drones. We can measure, contour and map everything within the flight. Best part is, everything we need is done in one flight, so we dont have to go back to fly again.

With our addition of the Matrice 210 and Z30 camera, providing inspections from a safe distance while still getting a great zoomed in shot is key.

Breakpoint has also provided aerials after hurricanes to provide a faster assessments of damages.  We can also provide video fly-thrus of actual 4K video or from 3D processed photogrammetry.


Droning is great for:

  • Progress photos

  • Surveying

  • Time Lapse

  • 3D for measuring lengths, area and volumes. Cut/Fill

  • Inspection or Damage Assessment

  • Utility Mapping

  • Contour mapping of elevations

  • Customer Presentations

  • Adding data to other 3D Laser Scanning Projects

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