The technology we use is like no other. However, the industry will catch up to this type of "all-in-one" scan for many industries.

Imagine you want to create a 3D Virtual Reality walk-thru for your commercial or residential client of the project you just completed for them. They can view from their browser or VR goggles as if they are standing there in their new office or home.

Spin the project in 3D and have a "dollhouse" view or a plan view of not just the boring black and white as-builts, but the actual colored view of everything in each room. Point and click into any room and your there, standing in the room.

That is pretty incredible in itself. Now, take that same 3D data and convert it into point cloud data, and OBJ file, get a ceiling plan and a colorized floor plan. Breakpoint will take this data and provide you with a accurate schematic of your project. Depending on the deliverable, you can have your results in hours!

See 3D example below of a commercial office space. (Breakpoint Office)

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