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3D Laser Scanning of Power Lines

Prior to new construction, the contractor hired Breakpoint to LiDaR the drape of the power lines to make sure he had enough clearance and to archive the data once the project was completed.

large warehouse as-built.png
As-Built Survey and Aerial Drone Ortho

Breakpoint was the exclusive surveyor for two million square foot warehouses.

In order to provide a detailed deliverable, Breakpoint did a drone or aerial survey in 3D, processed the data using our survey points and created a very valuable map to the client and the client that moved into the building.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Our humble beginnings start here...

Breakpoint provides structural/concrete scanning and utility locating/mapping using GPR. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Bacheller has trained his field staff with many scenarios that most companies have not seen. Contact us about your challenging project and let us plan the solution.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Want to highlight your completed projects with a high end 3D tour? How about a before and after tour? Matterport has gained popularity because of its spectacular views from Dollhouse, plan and virtual walk-thru views. Show your client that may be based in another state what the progress is or do a punch list based off of the client doing a "walk-thru" on their PC. Call our Matterport experts to learn more about this great technology. Click here for an example.

Drone Stockpiles

Client hired Breakpoint to provide stockpile calculations in their yard. 10-minute flight and 30 minutes to process. They could have done it the traditional way and hired a surveyor, but Breakpoint is faster, cheaper and with less than a 2% error tolerance, why not? Customer was provided an RGB Ortho, DTM and DSM as well as the volume calculations for each pile.

811 Contracts

Breakpoint currently is engaged in 811 contracts in Florida. We are always looking to expand and look for RFP's daily. If you would like to inform us of an upcoming RFP for utility locates in the 811 system, please email or call us.