Architects, Engineers and Contractors (AEC), Developers

Scanning retail, commercial, industrial & residential construction projects. Provide both measurement and image information. Includes point cloud, reflective ceiling plan and colorized floor plan for design software (ie: Revit, Autocad, Navisworks) Provide aerial 3D and point cloud data of exterior, construction monitoring. Utility and structure scanning and mapping. Creating accurate utility maps.

AEC and Realtors

Scaled and/or Schematic Floor Plans. Aerial videography.

Building Owners, Facility Managers / Property Managers

Building Documentation for maintenance, future renovations, risk management and asset management.

Interior Designers

OBJ files and corresponding image information to be used in Interior Design software (ie: Unity, Sketchup and SketchFab)

Building Products Installers and Engineers

Scanning Retail, Commercial and industrial building spaces. Provide measurement and image information (ie: HVAC, conveyor, elevators) Aerial photography of roofing or other build outs. Can be used for quality assurance and estimating.

Sales Departments in AEC Firms, Developers, Property Management

Sales presentations using 3D image walkthroughs. Virtual Reality Walkthrough. Measurements for estimating.

Marketing and Web Design in Real Estate, AEC Firms, Developers, Property Managers

3D image walkthroughs with website embed links. Virtual Reality experience.

Human Resource Departments in AEC firms, Manufacturing, Chemical Plants, Oil Plants, Energy Facilities, etc.

Training Document using 3D Image Walkthrough and/or Virtual Reality experience (ie: Safety Training). From the ground and the air.


3D Image walkthrough for websites and MLS. From the ground and the air.

Insurance Claims Adjusters

Documenting Damaged Buildings for estimates. (ie: fire, flood, hurricane). From the ground and from the air.

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